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Stay Out Of Legal Trouble: Tips For An Escort

Escort business is not illegal in London. In fact, this is a booming business that is registered by the government. But since it can be confused with socialization of prostitution, chances are that escorts can be pursued by the police.

For escorts to run their business smoothly, they should consider the following:

Have It In Writing

Ensure that you have described to your clients what your business entails from modelling to companionship but with certain charges. Make sure the writing specifies that any service offered out of the description is of pure choice of both parties who are grown-ups (you and the client) and no gains are gotten from the companionship. Above all the document should clearly state that you do not allow being contracted for sexual services. All this will describe you as an escort and not a prostitute, thus granting your business to be legal. The description should be signed with all clients that approach you.

Ask for donations instead of a fee or charges

If you think describing your business in a writing is not good enough, then consider asking for a donation. As a matter of fact, prostitution is seen as being paid for offering sexual services. To remove this, it’s better to ask for a donation when you offer companion services. Never forget to address it as a fee, or a charge.

Look for a place for gathering donations

When you ask for donations, never receive them directly from someone. Instead, construct a box or table at the entrance of the building, room or venue where clients can put their donations in envelopes and leave them there. Later, check the amount in the envelopes.

Be familiar with the laws

Having all London laws concerning prostitution at your fingertips is very important. This will enable you reflect before doing something that can cost you to be behind bars. Have a complete understanding what solicitation of prostitution is meant to signify in the area you reside or operate your business.

Pay taxes

Paying taxes in time will prevent you from landing into problems. Also, taxes mean that your business is legal and no suspicion will be raised upon you. When paying taxes, make sure you describe your income as donations gotten from services rendered. No one will ask you which are the services rendered as housekeepers also address their income the same way.

Never take your business to the streets

Never should you venture into the streets in search of clients. Any person doing that is prostituting.

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